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I am Reimena Ashel Yee; I am an 18 year old who enjoys having my mind tickled by outlandish ideas and whimsical fancies as well as the existential, and tries my best to do the same for other people to enjoy as well. I convey it through my art, which I obsess over in my (surprisingly free for art) spare time.

I’m Malaysian and I’ve ambition to want to revive and boot up the level of competence (which is almost non-existent) in the local art industry, hopefully getting people to push their ideas to create a friendly, competitive environment where everyone learns from each other and constantly creates beautiful things. Like all other children, I despise the way the education system is handled. I also breathe and have a normal heart rate and poor cardio. My shoulders are not averse to cold, and umbrellas are always needed because they are practically perfect in every way.